D. Oil Cooling

Les composants du système

    • Take off plate JIC-10

    • Durites JIC-10

    • Oil cooler / Laminova

Sandwich plate/ takeoff plate (plaque de départ)

Contrairement à une plaque sandwich qui ne sert qu'à l'installation de certains capteurs comme la température et la pression d'huile. Les plaque de départ se fixe de la même manière entre le bloc moteur et le filtre à huile mais possède une entrée et une sortie qui permet d'envoyer l'huile à l'extérieur du moteur vers par exemple un radiateur d'huile, un remote filter, etc.

Achat chez speedflow

Pour le moteur Zetec, le pas de vis du Filtre à huile est 3/4 UNF

Ne pas oublier les emplacements pour les capteurs de pression et t° d'huile nécessaire pour Jauges

elle est équipée des pas de vis suivants :

2x 1/8 NPT pour des capteurs

2x 1/2 BSP équipés de 2 adaptateurs 1/2BSP vers JIC-10

Oil cooler vs Laminova

Si on souhaite monter un radiateur d'huile sur le Zetec, il est conseiller (Paul Dunnel) d'utiliser du JIC-10 comme diametre. Vu que mon take off plate est équipé de 2 JIC-10, ce sera donc JIC-10 pour le laminova également


Why do you want to install an oil cooler ?

That's the good question ! Again, what I know is what I read... What I understood is that if the engine is intended to be tuned and that it would be driven harder than it was intended (eg trackdays, ...), the installation of an oil cooler is advisable. Since my Zetec is inteded to be delivereing more than the standard 138HP and that trackdays will be more often than siting in the traffic jams... oil cooler seemed to be logical.

Now, any piece of advice, suggestion or recommendation from you is off course welcome.



I sometimes despair at the rubbish put out into the market place.

The trouble with having a cooler fitted is that if you can’t get the temperature up soon after start up, then you can do far more harm than good. Of course, some bright spark is going to suggest an oil thermostat to help with this. Trouble with oil stats is that they restrict the oil flow.

Very few of our race cars (by that I mean Westfields etc) run coolers all the time. When it’s really hot (+28) they might fit one, but generally no. On the road cars, we don’t fit them.

Of the clients who require to use their cars for both road and extended track use (spells of 30 minutes or more on the track) we suggest a heat exchanger. This helps to both warm the oil quickly to a safe operating temperature, and of course help maintain the temperature below 120 deg.

There, yet again a pretty helpful few paragraphs if I say so myself!


Sorry you can not specify the colour. All the laminova’s are currently silver.

No sorry there is no mounting bracket for the laminove, you would normally support the hoses at either end.

I would think the pump should be able to lift to the top hose, but the water will be hotter here than the top hose so you just need to make a decision based on the temperature characteristic you want there is not a right or wrong place to mount this.