c. Batterie

Les batteries habituellement sont grosses et moches ... Bref pas à leur place sur le devant d'un compartiment moteur qui m'aura pris des années à peaufiner.

Je me suis tourné vers Powervamp et ses solutions high-tech pour batterie.


La batterie choisie est la PVR25 avec son support très professionnel !

One of Powervamp's best selling batteries, the PV 25 Drycell with its TPT (thin plate technology) has an outstanding power/weight performance. The TPT (key to the high discharge performance required to start high compression engines) has been refined over more than 40 years since the concept pioneered for Turbine starting where exceptionally high starting currents were essential.

Exceptionally good anti-vibration properties with fast recharge capability and recovery from heavy discharge. Can be mounted upright or flat. Design life of 8-10 years.

The power to weight ratio of this battery make it ideal for single seat race cars, and its military proven vibration resistance make it perfect for hill climb/ rallycross and Lotus 7 inspired trackday cars.

Used on Formula Renault cars it will deliver the cranking required on high compression engines up to 3.5 litre and is used in our Grid start and jump start packs and on some of our highly specialised Aviation packs

- Maintenance free-sealed

- Voltage 12 volts

- 1800 peak amps

- 680 amps cranking current

- 18 amp/hour capacity

- Lightweight 6.1Kg

- Motorsport, Kit car, Motorcycle, Golf


- 12 volt

- 18 amp/hour capacity @ C20 rate

- 1800 peak amps

- 680 amps cranking current for 5 seconds

- 220 amps CCA 30 seconds to 7.2v @ - 18c

- Reserve capacity 28 minutes @ 25 amps to 10.5v

- Dimensions; length 182mm, width 77mm, height 168mm

- Weight 6.1Kg

- Terminals M6 female

- Operating temp range - 40c to + 45c

Le placement